firm history

Aspyre Advisors was founded in 2008 by a team of seasoned financial services professionals with track records of success at many of Wall Street’s most prestigious firms. The team’s alliance was formed while at Merrill Lynch, and the transition of a core base of clients supported growth in its traditional wealth management practice without sacrificing the team’s core values. Today, the team continues to expand into new areas and seeks new opportunities to meet the ever changing needs of our clients.

Aspyre Advisors has championed a business process and investment philosophy to protect the interests of clients. Today we are grateful that our firm is independently owned and operated affording us the flexibility to quickly respond to changing industry dynamics.

We invite you to put us to work for you.



  • We have over 25 years of combined experience.
  • We collaborate with specialists, held to high standards, who also bring their expertise to the table to compliment our skills and con-tribute to the full scope of wealth management we offer.
  • We can identify and help you avoid potential hazards and unnecessary risks by offering you an array of financial options.

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